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A little about us

The Establishment of the vineyard to date was done in 2 phases; 2012 and 2014.
All of the plants are trained in a VSP trellis system with the exception of  1/2 of an acre block on a steep hill side where the plants are head trained. Most plant spacing is 9 x 5.
All leaf stripping and fruit thinning is done by hand in addition to harvest. 

Top crop level target are between 3.5 and 4.5 ton per acre with the exception of Tempranillo which is cropped at 4.5 to 5 ton per acre. 

Grape Varieties 
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Syrah
  • Malbec
  • Viogneir
  • Nebbiolo
  • Muscat Canelli
  • Riesling
  • Tinta Cao
  • Tempranillo
  • Trouiga Nacional
  • Souzao
  • Malmsey/Malvasia
  • Merlot
  • Chardonnay
Grape care

Weed control is done using conventional practices for right now. Pre-emergent herbicide applications done in fall and spring with roundup 1 once per year. 

Mildew and Fungal control are also done with conventional chemicals but used as sparingly as possible.

Pest control is done using organic miticides, cutworm control is done using conventional chemical control. All other pest control is done as needed with a combination of chemical and organic control

About the growers
Cameron and Amanda Fox

​Cameron is the mastermind with the green thumb. We have a passion for all wine and it was hard to decide what to grow so we figured what the hell lets grow a little of everything!  

We especially love Portuguese and Maderian wines and want to show that they grow great in Washington.
Cameron and his farmhand (daughter) love to play in the dirt they both take pride in their work as grape growers!

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